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Thursday, November 27, 2008

What is a Paid to post program ?

PTP – Paid to Post. These programs pay its’ members to post in their forums. There are two kinds of forums. One that talk only about all the online opportunities like PTC, HYIP, Forex and many other programs that are available to earn from and the others are social or general forums where you get paid for posting on topics like “What is your favorite color?”, “How do you start your day?” etc. They have a certain rate for the posts and threads you create and you need to accumulate certain amount before you can request your payout. All the payments are made to your payment processor(mostly Paypal, Liberty Reserve and Alertpay are preferred). What is a payment processor? That will be discussed in another article. Every site has a right to choose its own method of payment. Once you request your payout, the admin or the moderators of the site will go through all your posts to check whether they are good enough for the payment or are there are any posts that can be rid of the money.
Generally after you request your payout it will take a day or two for the admin or moderators to check all your posts and pay you. The period might be long also depending on the number of posts, number of payouts requests at the same time, activity of the admin or moderator etc. This is one of the best methods recommended to members who look to earn online from their home.

Now that is a very brief introduction on how they work for you. So now let us discuss on what are the rules that any general forum would enforce or adapt to. What is the actual benefit you can get from these forums? Etc.

General Rules that has to be followed in these forums:
1. No short Posts. Posts like “Thank you”, “Nice Program”, “Wow it looks awesome” … So on will not be paid. These kinds of posts are considered Spam and members posting such posts will be subjected to punishment.
2. No Duplicate threads. If there is a topic which has been already created about something you are not suppose to create another one. These are called Duplicate Threads and will be penalized for creating such threads.
3. No Porn/ adult content. No forum encourages porn or adult content neither in your posts nor threads. Such actions might leave you getting banned from the forum.
4. No hot discussions, fights or verbal abuse with other members or staff in the forum. Members found doing this will be straight away banned.
5. No double posts. You cannot post two posts simultaneously. These are called “Double Posts”.

There are a few other rules which are supposed to be followed but those differ for every individual forum, which are clearly mentioned in the RULES section in every forum.

Now on how you can benefit from the forum:
1. Make sure that you have good quality posts giving good information about the programs you are talking about. This will improve your reputation in the forum.
2. Forums like these also pay you for bringing members to the forum. All you need to do is advertise the forum and give your “Referral link” to all the people that are interested. When anyone joins you and stays active (activity is defined and modified by the admin of every forum) then you will be paid for those members.
3. Most of these forums have sections like “I’m offering”, where you can offer incentives to get referrals or get traffic etc. Mainly it can be used to your benefit by offering incentives to the members for performing some deeds which might fetch you profit.
4. Most of the forums have “Exchange Currency” sections where you can exchange your e- currency (This also will be discussed in later articles). For example you have balance in one Processor and you want to convert it into another, which according to you is easy for you to convert. So you can do that with the members of the forums with no extra charge for the exchange. Please make sure to check the reputation of the members before exchanging, as there are many scammers who always want to earn easy money.
5. Last but not the least, you can learn a lot about the other online opportunities that are available to earn, which are thoroughly discussed by professionals who are already in those businesses. According to me this is the best benefit from the forums that talk about online earning opportunities because you will be getting educated about the programs for free. You just need to follow their leads and experiment with their advice ;)

And whenever you are getting paid from any of these forums make sure you are posting the payment proofs in various other forums where this forum is discussed. This will improve the reputation of the forum which will increase its chances of making more profit, resulting in long future.


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