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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Strategy behind how a paid to post program runs

Now we understand how Paid to post sites work. But now the question is why do they pay their members to post?

Well the answer is quite simple, “To earn money from advertising.”

The idea goes like this:

Webmasters launch a forum, Introduce Paid to post offer into the forum and advertise the launch of forum/site in various places.
Initially whatever the administrator pays to the members is from their own pocket. This is the initial investment they risk to earn profits later.

A particular amount (say 3 or 4 cents) will be paid for the members for every post they make in the forum. Members are required to accumulate the amount until they reach the minimum payout (varies from$2 to $10 or even higher), after which they can request a payout and get paid. The payment proofs of the program are then used as an advertising tip to attract more members to the forum.

This is person – to – person advertising of the site. Once the payment proofs are out more members start joining the site and the traffic gradually increases, enabling the site to have good number of static traffic.

Once they have good number of traffic, they advertise ad spaces available in the forum. This is the main source of income of any site.

Now the funds they receive should be distributed for the hosting costs, staff salaries, member payments etc. So for a few weeks or even months none of the Paid to post forums makes any profit, it is in long run that they start making some money.

There is another purpose on how the Paid to post administrators profit from the site. They advertise their own sites or businesses in the forum and try to improve and gain ;)
So a forum sustains purely on advertising.


  1. I am happy to know the basic things about Paid to Post. Good work Ravi

  2. well i think this is the basic behind the paid to post, the admin should take a risk that the initial investment should come back


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