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Monday, February 16, 2009

Tips to help you earn from Paid to signup sites

Many members are generally confused on how to earn from the Paid to signup or PTS sites.
The procedure is very simple. Here are a few tips on how you can earn through these Paid to signup sites.

1. Create a separate Email just for the purpose of participating in the PTS sites. This is because after you signup for the sponsor sites they keep on sending promotional mails, so if you are using the same email id you use for your friends and family you might risk getting spam mails all the time.
2. You can choose to give vague details. For example if my address was 16th Block, So and So Building, So and so street, it is fine if you don’t want to give your complete address. Just include the street address and Pin Code.
3. Mandatory fields are always marked with *, make sure you are filling those fields. You can leave the rest of the columns empty.
4. If the offer is in a foreign language that you don’t recognize then make use of - Google translator. Just copy paste the URL and select “Detect Language” and choose your suitable language to which you want the page to be translated.
5. A few Sign up offers ask for your bank/ Credit Card details. I would advise you to skip these offers. Just for the sake of security.
6. Finally make sure you are checking both your inbox and spam column for the confirmation mails. Generally they are instant but if you don’t get them instantly give it a little time.

That’s all. Remember don’t create fake profiles they don’t give any profit to the site. Give proper details, you can choose to give vague details but don’t give fake details. That’s my advice. Happy earning.


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