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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tips to help you earn from Paid to click (PTC) sites

In one of my previous articles I have introduced the “Paid to click program”, which is the best alternative for earning from the internet.
This article explains few ways through which you can maximize your earnings. A few require investment and a few can be obtained from shear hard work.

1. Referrals: The more referrals you obtain the better is your income. Every site offers referral commission i.e commission for bringing the member to the site. For every ad your referral clicks you get commission. You either fetch some referrals on your own or you can buy them from the site itself. Every site sells referrals, but does not promise their activity. So it is advised you get referrals on your own

2. Premium membership: This requires investment in the site. Premium members are offered more for every ad and also more referral commission than the standard members. In order to be a premium member you need to buy Premium membership package from the site, which are available on various period basis.

3. Members who can’t afford to buy referrals or premium membership can involve themselves in referral exchange programs where you join as a referral for some other person and ask them to join under you in your choice of PTC. Such offers are available in various forums and sites. Search for “PTC referral exchange” and you will surely find them.

4. Also there are a few members who offer “RCB” – Referral commission back i.e they pay you back part of the referral commission they will get if you join under them. This is really profitable as you can earn extra apart from your own earning.

5. Finally members who can afford investments are advised to invest in the premium membership and offer referral commission back in order to get referrals. Or you can even buy them from the site but if they turn inactive you lose your investment and the site won’t hold any responsibility for it unless you are buying atleast 500 referrals.

Always be wise and choose the right alternative to earn.


  1. These are very good tips Elliot! I joined a new PTC site last week, promoted my links like crazy....and have reached cashout already! It was very much worth it to purchase a premium membership! Now my referrals are doing the earning for me!

    If you wold like to advertise your blog on my site for free, please let me know via my site.

    (Fellow member)

  2. I like to be in your team in earning with PTC, pls e-mail me any good info at sideincome07[at]

  3. i m interested in earning via PTC but is it in real ? there are many negative reviews about such money making programs and scams


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