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Monday, February 16, 2009

Earn from Paid to Signup sites

Paid to Signup was famous only in countries like USA, UK and Canada. Because advertisers there knew the potential of paying members to sign up for their site in order to drive abundant traffic.
This type of sites weren’t that famous in other parts of the world. But gradually the sense of paying members in order to signup for the sites grew and sites from all over country have come forward to offer incentives to members who join their sites.
So Paid to Sign Up sites gather all such offers and offer them to members.

You don’t need any professional skill in order to earn from these sites. All you need is a valid E-mail address and an account in one of the Paid to Signup sites.

First you need to create an account in one of the Paid to sign up sites. Once you confirm your registration there check regularly for offers from other companies. There will be procedure to be followed:
1. The offers are available in the form of ads(may be text ads or banner ads).
2. Once you click on them you will be navigated to the sponsor site where you have to sign up.
3. There you are asked to enter your details (Name, Address, Email id etc). Sometimes they even ask Bank details and Card details you can choose to ignore such offers.
4. Once you finish signing up in the sponsor site, you will receive a confirmation mail. Then you will be asked to either post this confirmation mail or a particular code in the PTS site in order to confirm the registration.
5. Once the PTS site confirms your registration with the Sponsor site you will be paid.
6. There will be a specified payout once you accumulate it you can request it to your preferred processor.
7. Various payment processors that are accepted by such programs are Liberty Reserve, Alertpay, Moneybookers and occasionally Paypal.

Beginners who are looking to earn easy money right from your home without much effort, this is the best option you can grab.


  1. Liberty Reserve, Alertpay, Moneybookers . I have never heard of these. Thanks for the new info.

  2. i was glad to know abt this
    but at
    while i was clicing on a paid to sign up link i'was offered first to complete offer then to verify it by copy and paste the confirmation e-mail in a text box
    but when i register to that link any confirmation e-mail was not sent and i logged in
    so, plz reply me what to do and what not to do


    it is much better

  4. Hey! Genuinely it’s really possible to earn money online; I really felt that this website is quite impressive and a great idea to earn hundreds of Dollars daily.


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  6. I have tried several paid to read/sign sites with none truly paying. pls indicate the reliable ones

  7. In my country, PTS is still not a famous program.


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