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Friday, January 9, 2009

Tips for beginners to earn Online

New members who have the desire to earn some money from their homes enter the world of online earning and are generally lost where to start or how to go about. In this article various programs are pointed out, which will be helpful for members to earn online just by staying at their homes. It is possible to earn from the internet with your own home pc but you have to remember every thing starts from a cent and grows to a million, depending on your hard work.

In the initial search for programs that pay, members come across a lot of programs which quote “Earn from home at your comfort” and claim to be paying thousands of dollars to its members without doing much effort at all.
Always remember the main principle of success “No Pain No Gain”.
Such programs either encourage you to invest in their plans or they ask for your details (E – mail, Address etc,). If you pay them they give you an E – book in which, details on how the program works will be discussed or most of the times they take your money and return nothing.
They take advantage of your account details and spam your mail box with useless e – mails which are nothing other than waste of time.

Online earning is not different from offline work in terms of dedication and interest. The only difference you may say is that in Online earning you earn at the comfort of your home.

Here is a small list of “Get Paid to” famously expressed as GPT programs which require no skill and zero investment of your money:
1. Paid to Click
2. Paid to Survey
3. Paid to Read mails
4. Paid to Post
5. Paid to Sign – Up
6. Paid to Review
7. Paid to Search

Detailed description of “What are these programs?” “What do we do with them to earn” and so on are given in my other posts, please do go through.

The ratio of a paying program to a scam program is far above comparison. Some don’t fall for the tricks and deceits of scammers. Be wise in choosing the programs, be happy no matter how much you earn and always believe that you can earn much more.


  1. thanx this is a Great Blog ...

  2. i have joined few of such programs but haven't got paid yet or any positive things from their side.
    and on that i have heard that such programs are only scams and do not pay


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