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Monday, December 1, 2008

Paypal - The best Online processor

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
Log in Steps:

Click on the banner.
Click on Register
Fill in your details.
Activate your email and start using the services of the processor.


This is another Payment processor which is more popular in online selling/buying stores like e- bay. This has improved itself well over the years and is available in almost 190 of the countries.

This is the best way to pay and get paid online. As this is available in so many countries more members are interested and are in favor of using this processor.
This is almost like an online bank which works on certain rules and regulations; which requires verification in order to lift the limit on your account.

To get a paypal account verified you need a credit card/debit card. People who don’t have a credit card, there are virtual credit cards available which can help you in getting your account verified. If your account is not verified everytime you receive payments from a credit/debit card there will a huge fee charged. At the same time there are limits on how much you can withdraw in a month, how much you can transfer, how much you can hold in your account etc,. So it is advised for users to get their accounts verified to avoid all the limits.

In paypal you can withdraw funds directly to your bank account; you just need to enter your bank account details in your paypal account and save them. So that when ever you want to withdraw funds from your paypal account into your bank you can just directly select withdraw funds to my bank account and select the bank and the transfer is done.

Paypal also offers different kind of accounts. They being:
Standard (free)
These are the three kinds of accounts that are offered by paypal. Standard account is for users who are looking to get paid or buy anything from online. In standard members also we need to get our account verified to enjoy the full credits of the account.
In premier account the fee for the debit card payments are less, but your general payments will also be charged fee.
Business accounts are for merchants/ officials who pay their members. These accounts can be operated by multiple users, but there are limitations that are defined by the account holder on how much another person can use this account.

Last but not least paypal offers 1000$ if anyone is able to join any new merchants to the site.

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